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21-May-2018A Study on Economic Conditions of Women Agriculture Labour with Special Reference to Koppal DistrictRajeshwari M PattarR.V. Gangshetty
21-May-2018Modeling and simulation of z source inverter design and control strategiesZope, Pankaj HiramanSonare, Prashant Shyam
21-May-2018Manavatavaad ek darshnik adhyayan Swami Vivekanand ke vishesh sandarbh meDevi, SeemaGirdhar Anamika
21-May-2018Hind swaraj ka darshanik vivechanNarvaal, ReenaGirdhar, Anamika
21-May-2018Investigation on a new low complexity transform for PAPR reduction in DHT based OFDM communication systemsBharathiraja NGangatharan N
21-May-2018Design of low power area efficient reconfigurable DA based digital FIR filter using MCSA and DRPPG for SDRJijina G ORanganathan V
21-May-2018Study on the behaviour of berthing structure under variable stack and crane loads with and without mooring loadNaidu, Tirupathi GBalaji K V G D and Gopala Raju S S S V
21-May-2018Development of new synthetic methodologies for the synthesis of n aryl amides and nitrogen containing heterocyclesAlapati, Mohan Lakshmi PunnaraoBabu, Saratchandra M
21-May-2018A multi stage detection system to defend against distributed denial of service attacksShameena BegumNagalakshmi V
21-May-2018Novel approaches for improving quality of service QOS centric web service compositionVaradi, SujathaRao, Appa G
18-May-2018Studies on development and evaluation of millet based probiotic beverageGupta, MradulaSharma, Somesh
18-May-2018Design of reconfigurable FIR filter with Russian peasant multiplier and enhanced carry select adder for wireless multi standardsGunasekaran KManikandan M
18-May-2018Studies on parametric optimization in turning of aa6063 t6 and aa6351 t6 alloys using various optimization techniquesJayaraman PMahesh Kumar
18-May-2018Design of ofdm systems with improved r22mdc FFT and adaptive viterbi decoder for wireless standardsPrabu SLogashanmugam E
18-May-2018Migration for survival in the novels of Amitav GhoshSaumini PPolson, A K
18-May-2018Investigations on performance enhancement in power generation and transmission using cascaded multilevel inverterBoobalan SDhanasekaran R
18-May-2018An analysis on retrospective of agile methodology versus traditional approach for effective software development in IT industryBalaji SSundararajan M
18-May-2018Evaluation of antioxidant antimicrobial anticancer and steroids activity of anisochilus carnosus l f wallKiruthiga NSathish, Sekar
18-May-2018Performance enhancements of secured cross layer routing protocols in manetsKirubakaran NKathirvel A
18-May-2018Information security using chaotic encryption and decryption of digital imagesRao, Surya Bhupal MAkula, Giridhar V S