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30-Mar-2017Studies on cestode parasites of marine fishes from bombay india west coast of indiaJethwani, Varsha JShinde, G.B.
30-Mar-2017Genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships among microsporidia infecting non mulberry silkwormsHassan, WazidSurendra Nath, B.
30-Mar-2017Magic Realism In The Novels OF Salman RushdieS.Venkata Gouri SankarProf.M. Narendra
30-Mar-2017Identification and characterization of genes linked to downy mildew resistance in pearl milletVeena, M.Kini, K. Ramachandra
30-Mar-2017Evalution Of Antidiabetic antilipidemic and Antioxidant Properties Of Centella Asiatica In Relation To The Histopathological And Biochemical Changes In Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Male Albino RatsS.SasikalaM.Dananjaya Naidu
30-Mar-2017Studies on cestode parasites of reptiles and mammalsGupat, Sharadchandra Ramsiyaji
30-Mar-2017Some aspects of physiology of snail melanoides tuberculatusGodhamgaonkar, Usha SLomte, V.S.
30-Mar-2017Biochemical and molecular characterization of carotenoids production by marine bacteriaSowmya, R.Sachindra, N. M.
30-Mar-2017Application of paleomagnetic techniques in studying some stratigraphic and tectonic problems relating to mesozoic igneous activity in IndiaAthavale, R NVerma, R K and Hari Narain
30-Mar-2017Phytochemical and pharmacological screening of pachygone ovataMarahel, ShirinUmesha, S.
30-Mar-2017Named Entity Recognition in Indian Languages using Hidden Markov ModelMorwal, SudhaPurohit, G.N.
30-Mar-2017Synthetic studies towards D_Plus_biotin and development of other useful synthetic methodologiesRamakrishna, GuduruChavan, Subhash P
30-Mar-2017Biology of the cestode parasites of vertebrates from latur and osmanabad districtsGavhane, Anant BaburaoJadhav, B.U
30-Mar-2017Antiobesity Effect Of Saponins From Gymnema Sylvestre In Rats Fed On Cafetaria And High Fat DietsI.Rama Manohar ReddyT.Vijaya
30-Mar-2017Radiation Effects On Some Unsteady MHD Flows Past A Vertical Plate In Porous MediumN.SandeepV.Sugunamma
30-Mar-2017Synthesis of naturally occurring and biologically active moleculesBhoga, Uma DeviYadav, J S
30-Mar-2017Biotechnological approach to improve yield in Jatropha curcas LSaeid NikdadShetty, Sudheer
30-Mar-2017Cestode parasites of birds in maharashtra stateGaikwad, Pandhari MShinde, G.B.
30-Mar-2017Sparing effect of certain non essential amino acids over the requirements of essential amino acids in a marginally subsisting populationAgte, Vaishali VilasChitre, R G